High- And Low-Profile Wrapping Stations

A turntable wrapper can become an indispensable product to your shipping operations. When choosing to buy a high- or low-profile wrapper, consider how the wrapper will need to be accessed and the machinery or manual labor that you have at your disposal.

High-Profile Versus Low-Profile

A high-profile wrapper is one with an elevated platform. The platform will typically sit several inches from the floor. This type of wrapping station is often easy for a forklift driver to spot. Goods that are elevated from the floor will not be likely to be disrupted by foot traffic or other activities that are occurring within a warehouse setting. A low-profile wrapper is one with a suspended platform. The platform for this type of model may sit flush with the floor or may be only slightly elevated. This type of wrapping station is best-suited for those who will be accessing a wrapping station by foot. Both a high or low-profile station may contain a loading dock. This will consist of an entryway that is several feet in length. The loading dock for a high-profile model will typically be much wider than the dock that is supplied with a low-profile model. The wideness of a dock will support the use of a forklift.

Ultra-Low Models

If a pallet jack or manual labor will be used when loading pallets and materials that will be wrapped together, an end-user may be interested in using a wrapping station that omits a loading dock. Eliminating the use of a dock will free up floor space within a warehouse. Some wrapping stations may contain a wide base and ring that are tapered. These components will allow access from all sides of a station. Ultra-low models can often be set up without a dock attachment.

Automatic, Semi-Automatic, And Manual

An automatic wrapper can be programmed to dispense film and activate the platform. This type of machinery will perform most of the labor associated with preparing pallets. A semi-automatic wrapper may prep each load, but require a machine operator to press some buttons necessary for the wrapping process. A manual model will require the most labor. This type of machine may rely upon human power to spin the platform or dispense the film and wrap the material around the items that are being palletized. Review various models to determine the one that contains the automation level that you prefer.

If you're looking to buy turntable wrapping equipment, contact a turntable manufacturer. 

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