Is Your Warehouse Losing Productivity? Pallet Wrappers Can Help

Running a large warehouse often requires an equally large and able-bodied crew of people to ensure productivity. As the operator of a large warehouse, you have a lot on your plate between keeping stock of inventory, ensuring orders are met in a timely fashion, and maintaining the safety of your employees. However, if you notice productivity levels have been low lately, it may be time to invest in pallet wrappers.

Save Time on Pallets

Shrinkwrap is a necessity since it protects the products you keep stored on pallets within your warehouse. However, manually wrapping a pallet takes time, which lowers productivity and costs money. Take into consideration the size of warehouses on average, which is approximately 184,693 square feet. The explosion of e-commerce is a major part of why warehouses sizes have increased over the years.

When you run a warehouse of that size, you likely store a lot of product. Therefore, it is essential that you can quickly wrap pallets to maintain efficiency and productivity. Automated pallet wrappers can reduce the time it takes to protect a pallet, especially when compared to manual wrapping. Rather than having to wrap the pallets by hand, your crew can use the automated tool and move onto other important tasks.

Save Your Company Money

Anytime you run a company, including a warehouse, the goal is to make a profit. Therefore, many business owners look for ways to save money. Automated pallet wrappers can help you save money because they often use just enough shrink wrap to protect the pallet. Manually wrapping a pallet, however, means your crew must decide when they have used enough shrink wrap. Automated wrappers ensure there is no waste, which allows you to save.

Also, automated wrappers reduce the risk of injury. Hand wrapping requires crew members to bend, pull, and twist, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Injuries sustained by your employees can result in expensive worker's compensation claims. You could also face lawsuits depending on the severity of the injuries. As such, you stand to lose a significant amount of money. It is also important to note that injuries can lower morale and productivity.

If you are interested in improving the productivity within your warehouse, talk to an expert about automated pallet wrappers. A professional can help you choose a pallet wrapper that works best for your needs based on the type of products you store and the size of your warehouse.

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Running a large warehouse often requires an equally large and able-bodied crew of people to ensure productivity. As the operator of a large warehouse,